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Where are the best places to rent a motorcycle?
In Oceania:
Rent a motorcycle in Australia or New Zealand and travel the awesome landscape of down under. You'll be stunned by our selection of rental bikes in Melbourne and Sydney!

In South America:
Motorcycle rentals in South America are currently available in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. Rent a BMW in Buenos Aires, or Santiago! Permits for travel through multiple South American countries can be arranged.

In North America:
We offer many one-way rentals in a variety of cities across the United States. The best cities in the USA for renting motorcycles are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, Austin Texas and Chicago. Sport bikes are available in Dallas, Scottsdale, and Reno. Canada offers a variety of rental motorcycles in Vancouver, Toronto, and the Montreal area. We even offer Trikes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando and Salt Lake City also Harleys and KTM's in Playa de Carmen!

In Europe:
The largest selection of rental motorcycles in Europe is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, the UK, and France, but we also have limited motorbike models in Central Europe. For the adventurous traveler, we recommend the rental of a Honda in Bulgaria or BMW in Romania!

In Africa:
South Africa is a great winter escape for motorcyclists - a variety of rental bikes are available in Cape Town, Stanford and Johannesburg. We also offer great dirt bike and enduro rentals in Madagascar.

In Asia:
Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, and Laos all have motorcycles available for hire. Rent a BMW in Moscow, a Honda in Sri Lanka, or an Enfield in India.

Feel free to contact us any time about your dream destination!

European driving license system
A - unlimited
A1 - up to 33hp or 400cc 
A2 - up to 14hp or 125cc